COVID 19 Support Payments

19 August 2021
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Wage Subsidy

Q -When can I apply for the wage subsidy?
A- From Friday 20th August 2021 at 9.00am

Q- What is the criteria to receive the Wage Subsidy payment?
A- If you are expecting a 40% loss of revenue since the rise to Level 4 compared to a typical trading period of the last 6 weeks from 6th July to 16th August.

Q- Do I need to keep any records to show this loss of revenue?
A- Retain support documentation as it may be requested at any time.

Q- What is classified as Part time?
A- 19 hours and under.

Q- Can I pay my staff 80 % if I get the wage subsidy?
A- The wage subsidy is to help the business to pay the full amount of the wages. These payments do not override Employment Agreements. To pay 80% of wages you would need to have a written agreement with your employee.

Q- Can I apply for the Resurgence Support Payment and the Wages Subsidy?
A- Yes, you can apply for both if you meet the criteria.

Q- How quickly will it be paid to the business?
A- It will be paid within 3 working days.



Resurgence Support Payment

Q- What is the criteria to receive the RSP payment?
A- Expect a 30% decline of revenue over 7 days from 17th August compared with 6 weeks prior of normal trading.

Q- When can I apply for this payment?
A- From 8.00am on the 24th August 2021 and it will remain open for one month after a national return to alert level 1.

Q- How long does it take to receive the money?
A- Payment within 48 hours on a working day.

Q- When I log into apply for the RSP it shows past employees and missing new employees - what do I do?
A- Remove the past employees and add the new employees.

Q- How can I gauge a loss in revenue if I only invoice monthly?
A- You can apply if you can prove that there was a 30% decline in revenue based on billable time through your timesheets.

Q- If we are in Alert level 4 for 3 days can I still apply?
A- If you have met the criteria that there was a drop over 7 days even if you are back trading after 3 days.

Q- If a shareholder is paid a shareholders salary at year end can they be counted as a Full time Employee for the RSP?
A- Yes, if the Shareholder plays an active part of operating the business.

Q- Is the drop in revenue based on cash basis or invoiced basis?
A- Either, as long as it reflects your current accounting practices.

Q- Will we have to pay it back if you realise that you are not eligible?
A- Yes, you will have to pay it back if that was the case.

Q- Can I claim the RSP for loss of revenue not due to a increase in levels e.g weather?
A- No, the RSP is only in place for support for alert level changes.

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