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Working with a certified partner, whether you're implementing a new system or migrating over to the new WorkflowMax,  can take the time and frustration out of the transition, as well as ensuring you are utilising the system to its full potential.

We believe that a business owner needs to play to their strengths. When heading a company, we often find ourselves bogged down in the details, rather than doing what we need to do: run the business. Equation can save you precious time, energy and money by cutting through the noise and stress while showing you exactly what you need to know.

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What can we do for you?

  • We can help you replicate your current processes into your new system.

  • We can assist you to bring across your legacy data such as existing Jobs, work in progress, and your existing client base.

  • Customise your documents to add in your Terms of Engagement and branding.
  • We offer a smooth transition with minimal disruption to your business.

  • Cleanse your data, ensuring you bring organised and correct information into your new system. We have options for both supported and self-managed data cleanses.

What are the benefits of WorkflowMax?

WFM is the software to simplify your job, cost, and time management while giving you the ability to back cost on a job.

Job Management
Job Management

Manage all your jobs from one central location with the ability to capture additional information with custom fields.

Time Tracking
Time Tracking

Capture time as you go in 8 different ways and allow different staff rates for different tasks.

Xero Integration
Xero Integration

Seamless Integration with Xero in real-time, mapping to your chart of accounts and tracking categories.

Lead Management
Lead Management

Track, report and categorise your new leads.

Job Costing
Job Costing

Keep track of your jobs as you go by reporting on your profit for every job at the push of a button.


Create quotes that flow directly from jobs through to invoicing.

When our customers succeed, we succeed

We started this process some time ago and were having difficulties making it work, in fact we had given up and reverted to our old system! Equation were recommended by a builder we work with, who was making the same change with ease. It has definitely been the best move we made.
Swinard Wooden Floors
One of Nicole’s key traits is her ability to take away a problem and come back to us with solutions on how to get the best out of our reporting. She also embeds the knowledge in our business by assisting us with our processes and procedures.
Fiona McKissock
Crighton Andersons
I found our consultant to be very responsive to our needs with great on-site coaching support.

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